Monday, September 10, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #37 Closest to your birthday

When I first saw this theme, I thought my parents might have had the birthdays closest to mine. Because our birth dates were close, when I was an adult we would celebrate with family members on one date. We still recognized our individual dates as well. Further research showed there were others who had close dates. Mom -- 6 days, Dad -- 6 days.

I checked my family history program. I discovered that where I knew the actual date of the person's birth, I have 17 cousins who were born on the 27th of February. 

The next check was to find out which one of my ancestor's date was closest to mine. The first is John Robinson, my great-great grandfather, who was born according to the 1901 census, 3 March 1828, in Sowerby, Yorkshire, EnglandJohn died 5 June 1905, in Carnarvon Township, Manitoulin Island, Ontario. John -- 4 days.

A close second is Hannah Hemingway, my great-great grandmother, who was born, according to the inscription on her tombstone, 4 March 1819, in Markham Township. Her parents were Josiah Hemingway and Anna Stiver. Hannah died 13 October 1877.  Hannah -- 5 days.

It is interesting both of these ancestors are on my maternal side of the family.

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