Thursday, April 5, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #13 This Old Homestead

"This house was originally owned by Mirchouse Key (Sandfield Con. 6 Lot 13) on what is known as Key's Commons. When the Key family moved to North Dakota in 1889 the house was sold - dismantled by James Love and erected in 1891 on the home farm in Carnarvon." [1]

This photo is one that I have of my great-grandparents' home on the Manitoulin in Carnarvon Township. In later years, my Uncle Ross and his family lived there. It is while they lived there that I visited many times. 

This house was across the lane from the house where my mother lived until she left to come to southern Ontario to finish her education. She spent a lot of time at the above home with her grandmother and great aunt Margaret.

[1] posting in Facebook, January 15, 2017, "Central Manitoulin Historical Society"

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