Friday, March 25, 2016

My Ancestral Birth Chart

The chart starts with me on the left, then my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents  and ends with my great-great grandparents. It shows in which country each were born. Aqua is for Ontario, blue is for Scotland and Red is for Britain.

The above shows that on my paternal side, starting with my grandparents, they were born in England. On my maternal side, it can be seen that they have been in Ontario, longer. My mother's, mother's father's side you can see that his mother was born also in Ontario. It wasn't until I started doing genealogical research that I learned that on my maternal side, I had ancestors in Canada for quite awhile. This is in contrast to my paternal side where my grandparents came to Canada in 1905.

On Thursday, March 24 and March 25, many genealogists on Facebook were posting their Birth place pedigree chart. J. Paul Hawthorne was the initial inspiration for this activity. My Facebook friend Miriam Robbins also created a template that she shared that had the format but nothing filled in. I downloaded her offering from Google Docs (Google Drive). The equivalent format is Excel 2007. I am using Excel 2003 so there were a few challenges. I also discovered as I prepared the chart for the blog I discovered that I had coloured the last Ontario listing the wrong colour. 

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