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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Where were my ancestors 150 years ago?

Randy Seaver of Genea-musings has posed the question for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Where Were Your Ancestors 150 Years Ago? Where were they living on 16 May 1865? Are the houses still standing? I don't know for all of the locations.

Louisa Belcher (1826-1903)  and James Iles (1823-1907) were in the Guiting Power [1871] and Condicote [1861] area of Gloucestershire, England with their children: George Iles (1859-1936), Charlotte, Lydia and Emmanuel and perhaps some of the older children. 

Hannah Cowley (1826-1903) was most likely living in the Maugersbury Workhouse or in the area on 16 May, 1865 with her daughters Emily (1860-1913)and Mary Ann Pugh. Later that year she was to marry William Clifford on 7 October 1865 at Stow-on-the Wold, Gloucestershire.

Ann Dudley (abt 1820 - 1898?) and sons Josiah Dudley (1846-1901), Joshua and William Thomas were most likely living in Alcester, Warwickshire, England
John Mucklow (1821-1904) Hannah James (1821-1915) were living in Oversley/Exhall area of Warwickshire. Living with them are Mary Ann, Elizabeth, George, John James and Sarah (1849-1920)

Agnes Hamilton (1819-1885) - great-great grandmother. Her first husband had died and she had married around 1855 Henry Vincer, and they were most likely in Wentworth County, Ontario in 1865. In the family were James Love (1852-1914), Robert  Love and Thomas Love, William Henry Vincer, Agnes Vincer, Sarah Vincer, and Marion Vincer.

John Robinson (1828-1905) Jane Fields (1829? -1901?). I am not sure where they were living in 1865. In 1871, they are living in Collingwood Township, Grey county, Ontario. Living together would have been Joseph, William, Elizabeth (1859-1932)Sarah Jane, and Robert.

David Johnston (1816-1892) Hannah Hemingway (1819-1887) were living in Unionville, Markham Township, York County, Ontario in 1865. Living with them were James, Josiah Hemingway (1845-1919), Nancy, Saloma, Margaret, David Byers, Caroline and Hannah Maria. 

Mary McKenzie (1826-1895) remarried John Willsonafter the death of her first husband. In 1865, they were living in Pickering Township, Ontario County, Ontario. Living with them were Sarah Chambers, Catherine Chambers, Jeanette Chambers, Mary Ann Chambers, Agnes Chambers (1855-1922), William Chambers, and James Chambers. From the second marriage, there are also John Thomas Willson, William Willson, Robert Willson and William James Willson.

Richard Iles (1794-1878) and Patience Blandford (? - 1879) were living in Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire, England in 1865. 

Thomas Belcher (1805-1884) was most likely living alone in 1865 in Withington, Gloucestershire, England.

Marion Service (1790-1870) was living with a son and his family in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1865.

Margaret Byres (1793-1866) was living in Uxbridge Township, Ontario in 1865.

George James (1771-1865) and Hannah Dunn (1796-1876) were living in Exhall, Warwickshire, England in 1865. George died less than a month later.

Living on 16 May 1865 are:
8 great-grandparents
12 great great-grandparents
7 great great great-grandparents
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