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Benjamin Hemingway - What happened to his family after his death - part 3

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This is an excerpt from the petition for guardianship by Harriet Hemingway for the six children of Benjamin Hemingway. Locating many years ago, the Estate records, was so helpful and it advanced my research. The petition is very difficult to read. The following shows the names and ages of the children. As mentioned in previous posts, I knew of only two children born to Perlina (Pauline) Webb and Benjamin Hemingway.

Benjamin Hemingway . . . departed this life intestate leaving him surviving by a former wife six children namely, Rachel Hemingway now of the age of twelve years, Mahala Hemingway now of the age of ten years, William Hemingway now of the age of eight years, George now of the age of seven years, Corwin now of the age of five years and Perlina Ann now of the age of three years and leaving also by the petitioner, Benjanna now of the age of one year. That William Hemingway is therefore the heir at law of your petitioners said husband and as such title to his interest in the Real Estate, possessed by the will of said Josiah Hemingway as [-?-] that a partition of the said land has yet been [-?-] and your petitioner is apprehensive . . .

To be continued . . .

[1] Benjamin Hemingway Estate File, H-9 RG 22, Series 6-2, (21 September 1851), York County Surrogate Court, microfilm MS 638 York County, Reel 84, Archives of Ontario, Toronto - The date on the outside of the packet must  be incorrect as Benjamin did not die until December.
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