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Benjamin Hemingway - What happened his family after his death? Part 5

The last four posts have been about the family of Benjamin Hemingway who died without a will and left his second wife with six young children, aged twelve down to a young baby.

Two of the children went to live with their aunt Anna Hemingway Holditch. The 1851/2 census shows Pauline aged 3 years listed with her aunt. [1]There is no mention of George. I have yet to find Harriet Hemingway with the other children in that census.

George and Pauline are listed with their aunt in 1861  The quality of the census image makes it difficult to read. [2]

In 1871, both Pauline, aged 21, and her brother George, aged 25, are living with their Aunt Anna. [3]

I haven't located where Pauline lived between 1871 and 1901. In 1901, she is living in Toronto. She owns a boarding house. [4] Three years later she died on 10 April 1904. [5]

Pauline's will is very informative because the estate papers not only list her bequests but the relationship to her and their addresses. It gives an indication of those relatives and friends who were important to her. She acknowledges two of her siblings but only leaves them a dollar each.

Mary Heasman $500  no relation [boarder - seamstress 1901 census] 43 McCaul Street
Thomas Berry $100 no relation Toronto [Is he the husband of Nellie Hemingway?]
Gertrude Bowles $100 cousin Toronto Junction [nee Dean daughter of John Dean and Ann Maria Hemingway]
Mary Dick $100 and her daughter $25 - second cousin - Unionville [on Hemingway side]
Rachael Bostwick $1 sister Stoneham, Pennsylvania
Mrs F. J. York, all the balance of my estate - half sister 199 Twentieth Street Detroit
Corwin Hemingway $1 brother - General Hospital Toronto
Gertrude Dean $100 Second Cousin - Toronto Junction [daughter of John Dean and Ann Maria Hemingway]

property real and personal to be sold . . .

Pauline owned the house at 43 McCaul Street, Toronto with a value of $2100 minus the $300 mortgage still owing and personal property valued at $75. [6]

Such great information in Pauline's papers.  So now, what have I found about George. He appears in the census records listed above. In the financial records associated with his father's estate papers, George is named several times. On April 30, 1862, "To paying George Hemingway his share of the surplus rent this time being fourteen dollars (1 shilling 3 pence)"; On December 10 of that year he received thirteen dollars from the rent. George receives more money the following year. One entry is interesting dated 12 June 1863 "to paying George and his Sister their share of the timber money". Which sister is that?  [7]

The 1871 census is the last census in which I have found George. He most likely worked for a railway with various jobs listed as brakeman, gatekeeper and switchman. He had a will and he left everything to his sister, Pauline. He only had real property valued at $200.00 and no real estate at the time of his death on 20 June 1899 in Toronto. In his estate papers, there is an affidavit stating there was a law suit, Hemmingway vs Macdonnell. George Hemmingway was the plaintiff and Messrs Macdonell & Scott were defendants. The defendant Scott offered in settlement the sum of fifty dollars. Both defendants refused to increase their offers of settlement. Why George Hemmingway was suing the two men is unknown and those exhibits are not included in the microfilmed papers. [8]

Finally, we take a look at Corwin. Except for the 1861 census, where he is living with his step-mother and step-father and family, I have yet to locate him on another census. [9] Corwin died 28 August 1912 in Sarnia, Ontario. His occupation is listed as GTR Policeman.[10] GTR would stand for Grand Truck Railway.

To be continued . . .

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