Monday, December 1, 2014

Family names as a middle name

Have you discovered surnames used as middle names in your family? They can be helpful in linking someone to a family line.
Here are some examples from my family for different surnames on my mother's side of the family:

Stiver as a middle name
Harry Carmen Stiver Boadway, son of Franklin Boadway and Martha Ann Stiver, 1906-1997
Carrie Stiver Frisby, daughter of Wilfred Frisby and Hannah Maria Johnston, 1892-1894
Edward Byron Stiver Watts, son of Thomas Watts and Katherine Stiver, 1875-1958
Donald Stiver Harper, son of Peter Harper and Evelina Stiver, 1895-?
Harold Stiver Willson, son of Phillip Willson and Ellen Stiver, 1897-?
Robert Stiver Hungerford, son of Robert Hungerford and Susan Stiver, 1911-?
Vera Stiver Wilkinson, daughter of Arthur Wilkinson and Bertha May Stiver, 1900-?
Ruth Stiver Wilkinson, daughter of Arthur Wilkinson and Bertha May Stiver, 1915-?
Anna Stiver Elliott, daughter of Alexander Elliott and Nancy Johnston, 1884-?
Grosett Stiver Elliott, son of Robert Button Elliott and Elma May Stiver, 1898-1899

Hemingway as a middle name
Josiah Hemingway Johnston, son of David Johnston and Hannah Hemingway, 1845-1919
Velma Hemingway Johnston, daughter of David Byers Johnston and Rachel Brechon, 1888-?
Otto Ray Hemingway Tranmer, son of William Tranmer and Sarah Watson, 1888-1974
Caroline Hemingway Lynde, daughter of Sylvester Lynde and Alberta Taylor, 1887-1980
Fred Hemingway Van Patter, son of Clinton Van Patter and Augusta Hemingway, 1880-1934

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