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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #17 Louisa Belcher

This is my seventeenth posting for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge.

Louisa Belcher was born in Withington, Gloucestershire and baptized 4 February 1827 in North Cerney. Her parents were Thomas and Jane Belcher. On 10 July 1845, she married James Iles in Brimpsfield.

The couple is known to have eleven children. The first child was Albert who was baptized 31 August 1845 in Withington. Next came Isaac who was baptized 23 May 1847 in Brimpsfield. Then she had three girls who were all baptized 2 November 1856 in Lower Swell. Eliza Jane was born about 1849; Susan was born about 1850 and Mary Jane was born in about 1853. Daughter Alice was baptized 1 February 1857 in Lower Swell. George, my great grandfather, came next. He was born 7 December 1858 in Westfield, Guiting Power. Next came two more daughters: Charlotte born about 1861 and Lydia in about 1863, both in Condicote. The final two children were Emmanuel, born about 1864, and Timothy, born about 1870, in Guiting Power.

Louisa died 1 March 1903 in Cheltenham.

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