Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goal for 2014 - Focus

I read in an article recently to set one goal so I chose the word - Focus for the theme this year.

Today, I created two mindmaps. On Wednesday, November 20, Thomas MacEntee presented a Legacy Family Tree Webinar about mindmaps. I had previously been introduced to a mindmap site on Facebook by a FB friend to Thomas mentioned several programs that are available. Today, I tried Both are free to use. Both of these are useful for basic planning but they don't lend themselves to a lot of detail.

This was created in text2mindmap - it is a screen shot.

This was created in

Click on pictures to enlarge.

As you see that I am involved with many things. In the bottom image, genealogy and history related stem from the left side.

I realize that I missed some things in each mindmap. I also forgot to add learning to the mindmap under the genealogy section. I have signed up already to attend several webinars.

With the theme of focus for this year, I will try different methods to see which one suits me best so that I will focus on the task at hand.

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