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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #3 Janet Love nee Johnston

This is my third posting for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge.

My maternal grandmother, Janet Johnston (for whom I am named), was born 1 May 1883 in Sandfield Township, Manitoulin Island, Ontario.  Her parents were Josiah Hemingway Johnston and Agnes Chambers. [1] She was the middle child with four siblings older than her and four younger than her. They were Isaac Maurice, Mary Elizabeth, James Earnest, Gordon Rudman, David Augustus, Amy Isabel, Charles and Walter Lloyd.[2]

 On 11 May 1909, she married John Thomas Love of Carnarvon Township at the home of her parents’ in Silver Bay. [3]

Mindemoya 1909
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. J [Josiah] Johnston of Silver Bay on Friday of last week was the scene of a very pretty event when their daughter Gertrude was married to Mr. John Love of this place. Both the bride and groom are well known and highly respected throughout the Island. Mr. Guss Johnston , brother of the bride, acted as groomsman, while the bride was ably supported by Miss Laura Love, sister of the room. Mr. and Mrs. Love entertained the young folks at their home on Friday evening, and all join in wishing the couple a long and peaceful life. [4]

Her wedding picture with the Johnston and Love families is in this posting.

You can tell who are the brothers of Janet in this photo. The Johnston men had high foreheads, that is, they went bald in front at a young age.

Janet who often went by Gertrude (her middle name) or Gertie moved to the Love family farm near Mindemoya where they raised five children: Agnes Elizabeth, Winifred Eleanor, James Everett, Ross Augustus and Marion Gertrude. Across the lane lived her husband’s parents and his siblings.

 My mother in a journal wrote: "I remember my mother as always rushing around doing things & waiting on us." Isn't it interesting that is my picture of her too? In latter years, Janet was very stooped over. During her life, she never had an electric refrigerator. I can picture her running around to the side of the house to go to the basement to get things that had been put in the cold cellar to cool. Electricity came first to the barn. I can't recall if they had indoor plumping during her lifetime. There was a large wood stove in the kitchen and a door at the bottom of the stairs going up to the bedrooms. 

John, Janet, Marion, Ross, Winnie, Bessie and Everett -- 1930

I was only eight years old, when my grandmother died. Because she lived on the Manitoulin Island, I did not see her often. I do remember that she worked hard.

Janet died 14 June 1958 in Carnarvon Township. She is buried in the Mindemoya Cemetery, Lot 16, Concesssion 3, Carnarvon Township.

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