Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday night Fun - Birth Surname - Henry Numbers

Randy Seaver has put out the challenge.

Go to your first known ancestor with your birth surname and calculate your Henry Number from that person.  Show each generation of your line of ancestors with your birth surname with their Henry numbers.
1 Richard Iles ( - 1878)
1.1 James Iles (1823-1907)
1.1.7 George Iles (1858-1936) William George Iles (1885-1964) Harold Ballantyne Iles (1916-1990) Me

So I am the second child of the sixth child of the second child of the seventh child of the first child of Richard Iles.

I used Brother's Keeper and created descendant indented book report choosing D'Aboville numbering and generated a preview to look through. As far as I know I have people in each family in the right order and that I have all the children in each.

In my software Henry numbers are shown without periods and after you reach 9 it uses the alphabet.
For example: Elizabeth Iles (1841-?) is 1E. In modified Henry she is 1(14) and in D'Aboville 1.14.

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