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Edward Horton Festival, Feversham

July 7 to July 15, Feversham, Ontario is going to be a busy community as it celebrates the Edward Horton Festival, [Facebook page] celebrating the 200th birthday of the founder of Feversham.

Feversham might not be on the radar of many Grey County residents, especially those who live in the northern part of the County, but I hope that this event will bring more attention to it. Visitors to the Feversham Gorge - the Madeleine Graydon Memorial Conservation Area might go into the village to explore. An Internet search for Feversham Gorge will provide links to sites with photographs of the beauty of the area.

Several years while exploring the southern part of Grey County for a presentation on "Place Names in Grey County", I was travelling with a friend where we discovered this pretty spot. Our luck that day, a barbecue was set up and we had lunch as we visited with some of the members of the Osprey Museum Board. This resulted in the Grey County Historical Society paying a visit to the Osprey Museum in Rob Roy for one of our meetings.

From information received from one of the organizers of the event:

Edward Horton was born in 1812 near Brockville, Ontario, settled in Osprey Township about 1853 with his wife Jane, nee Bolton and their young family. On the Beaver River that crossed his property, he built mills and laid plans for a village where tradesmen and merchants could settle and provide their services and goods in the surrounding area. Edward Horton also served two terms as Reeve and another as Councilor in Osprey Township.

Though he died in 1864 at the age of 52, his vision and efforts began the development of the village of Feversham which has evolved through the last century from a center of commerce to a quiet country village as roads improved and larger centers at a distance could be easily accessed.

Here are some of the events:
Saturday - July 7, 4 p.m. at the Methodist Cemetery, John St., Feversham =
Unveiling of an historical plaque to commemorate the burial site of Edward Horton

Sunday July 8, - 4 - 6:30 p.m. = Annual Garden Party at Old School House Rob Roy,
all you can eat buffet. $15 at door $12 advance

Monday, July 9, 7 to 9 p.m., Osprey Community Centre, Feversham, Free admission = Dr. John C. Carter -- presentation on Ontario's Historic Barns

Tuesday, July 10, 2 to 4 p.m. Osprey Community Centre, Feversham, Free admission = Janet Iles (that's me) -- Pioneer Churches followed by John Bruce Brigham --  Abandoned Buildings and Ghost Towns

Wednesday, July 11 -  Artist2 Go by Tom Thomson Gallery re-registration required

Thursday, July 12 - Dinner and Fashion Show - Osprey Community Centre 6 to 10:30  $16 at door, #12 in advance

Friday, July 13th Musical Jamboree Feversham Ball Park, Wellington St. 7-11 p.m. $2 per person or $5 family bring your own chairs

Saturday, July 14th - Re-enactment of Village Life - Mill Bridge Road, Feversham 10 to 4. Free admission. Free shuttle service from Osprey Community Centre

Saturday Dance  9 - 1, Community Centre arena, age of majority $15 at Door, $10 advance
in Community hall Teen Dance (13-18) $10 at door, $7 advance.

Sunday, July 15th Brunch at Osprey Community Centre 10 to 1 $8 per person
Church Services
1 p.m. Feversham Ball Park, Wellington St. Militia Demonstrations by Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada.

It sounds like a wonderful line up of events. I wish I lived closer to take in many of these events.

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