Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 - what are my goals?

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who is late in posting their goals for 2012.

I was successful last year in publishing In Grateful Remembrance: Honouring the Men from Knox, who Paid the Supreme Sacrifice. Sales haven't been great but my main goal was to honour these men but of course, I would be very happy to sell some more. Finishing the book took the first eight months of the year.

I had several speaking engagements that I really enjoyed and I did some client work that included some challenges.

During the last four months of 2011, my focus was the sale of my house and purchase of a brand new home. I have been moved in now for two weeks but oh the boxes that are beckoning to be unpacked. The majority of what remains to be organized relates to genealogy. The new shelving units need to be anchored to the wall before I can fill them and I need new filing cabinets.

My main goal for this year will be organizational in nature: my office, desk, files, books, etc. so that I can be very productive in pleasant surroundings.

I still would like to update my family history that was put aside last year.

I also look forward to helping others with their genealogical research. I always learn something new with each project.
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