Sunday, May 1, 2011

Goal set during the 101 Carnival of Genealogy - Revisted

For the 101st Carnival of Genalogy, I set two goals. The first is what I have been working on and as today is May 1, I thought this would be a good point to assess my progress.

Goal 1: Complete the book on the Soldiers from Knox United (then Presbyterian) in the First World War. Most of the research is done, I think. I may find out differently when I go to work on writing about each one. I have started the writing on about four or five. There are 23 men involved with two being siblings.

Plan: To focus on one a week, finishing research and writing. That will take me to the end of June.

To decide how I am going to publish it and distribute it. It is not meant to be for a large distribution but I wanted the information about them in writing so that it is preserved for future generations.

Publish by September 14, 2011 (92 years after the organ was dedicated in memory of these men).

At the first of the year, I kept to one a week. Some soldiers required more work. It was all dependent on how much I had already done on them. I am ahead of schedule at this point. I am working on the brothers now. I should finish them up in the next day or two if I remain focussed.

I need to read each one carefully again and check the source citations. I will also prepare a list of anything I need to check on at the library or online or do I need check elsewhere.

 I have several emails to write. I have found some private family trees online at Ancestry and I want to find out if they have any photos of the soldier. I have contacted one who had a public tree and I have permission to use the photo. I found also a photo on Find-a-Grave and I have been in contact with the person who posted it. Now, I not only have a copy of the photo of the soldier but also the first cross on the grave and the monument that was placed on his grave later and a copy of one of the documents concerning him.

My sister is going to edit what I have written so she will get the material on the soldiers next week. I still have several more chapters to write.  I need to get the information off to get Cataloguing in Publication for the book but I need to make a couple more decisions first. I also have to check concerning my ISBN. When I published my first book in 2007, I thought I requested a block of 10 but I only received one.  I just see that there is a new system in place here in Canada so I will check this out too.

What I need to do soon is to decide where it will be printed and in what format. Should I go with  6 x 9 or 8 x 10?

Then of course, the book needs to be indexed.

I still have lots to do but I am pleased that things are moving along and I should reach my goal.

I hope that you are doing well on your goals.

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  1. Keep it up. It sounds like a really interesting but very involved project.

  2. Thanks Michelle.
    I have done my application for the needed ISBN. I already have my publisher prefix from my first book.


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