Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great Website - but out of date contact information

As part of my research project on the soldiers' from Knox who died in the First World War, I am trying to find families who might be connected to the family. My interest is two-fold. First, I would like to include photos of the individual if possible in the binders of information and also in the book. Second, I want them to know that their relative was remembered at Knox Presbyterian/now United Church in Owen Sound.

I successfully made contact with one person on who had a photograph of one of the men and I have received permission to use the photo. I have others on my list to contact.

Unfortunately, I have found a website, which includes information about Robert McDonald, son of Robert McDonald and Catherine Fraser, but the contact information is out of date and bounces back. The site is Let the Search Begin. I have information that I could given them to add to their family files and they could answer a couple of my questions. Perhaps, if the person is still out there, they will find this posting and contact me.

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  1. Good luck with that. Looks like you're making progress on your commitment to get another book written this year. BTW, when I clicked on your post about your new "print friendly" addition -- that you posted about earlier, the post wouldn't come up. Hope it wasn't me -- but then I hope you're not having problems either.

  2. Linda
    I ran into problems or so I thought so I deleted the post but it had been indexed so fast. I haven't had time to try again but I will because it would be helpful to have that option right on the posting. The instructions said to look for something in the template but I didn't have the wording it suggested. I might try tonight.


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