Monday, January 31, 2011

IGene Awards for 2010 - Carnival of Genealogy

Once again, the excitement is mounting as readers find out what I consider to be best of my blogs for 2010 in several categories.

First - Best Biography and Best Documentary goes to [drum roll] Emily Pugh Iles - Carnival of Genealogy Tribute to Women and its sequel Emily Pugh Iles - Who were her parents?

I have spoken about Emily frequently during talks as her story and the research I have done can be used as examples for many topics. The tribute to her received many comments.

The Best Screen Play goes to [drum roll] May 31, 1985 - the day of the Barrie tornado. - the settings would be Barrie and Owen Sound. As per usual, I don't know who I would cast in the various roles but there is lots of drama in the story.

The Best Picture goes to [drum roll] a photo of my uncle Bill and his cousin Madeline. They are both about the same age.  It is a cute photo of the two of them, but what makes the photo special is that children of Madeline saw a photo of her that they had never seen before. Both live in Europe.

The Best Comedy goes to [drum roll] a photo called Who Caught all those Fish? Everyone is all dressed up but they are holding a string of fish.

Now those are my choices. Do you agree? All the best to all the other genealogy bloggers. I hope you had some postings that you choose to highlight.

© 2010 Janet Iles


  1. Janet, your sleuthing to uncover the life of your great grandmother, Emily is in itself worthy of an award, but the details reveal a woman who led a difficult life, working as servant, married to a laborer, became immigrants and in taking that step gave their descendants the chance to become educated and successful. Love the photo of Bill & Madeline- so classic 1930 on the porch & adorable to boot. I couldn't open the tornado screen play. Link didn't work. And the comedy with the fish! What's with everyone in formal coats and suits and ties holding lines of fish! That dichotomy makes this picture comedy-worthy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Linda. I have relinked to the article about the tornado so I hope it works okay for everyone now.


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