Saturday, November 27, 2010

Carnival of Genealogy #100 - Every family has one

 The Carnival of Genealogy has reached 100. The topic for each edition of the carnival challenges us (the blog writers) to think about our family stories and our genealogy. This is a reunion and everyone is invited who has participated in past COGs. This is my 40th posting for a Carnival of Genealogy. Thanks to Jasia for being the host and creator of the Carnival of Genealogy.

Every family has one. Since this is a reunion, I have chosen to highlight a photographer at family gatherings. On my mother's side of the family, it was her Aunt Margaret, who with her Brownie camera, took photographs at many family events. I have written about her in the past.

On my dad's side, not counting my dad, I would choose my cousin Wilfred (Wilf). He was called young Wilf to distinguish him from his uncle.

A bit of background on my cousin Wilfred.

Wilf was born in Owen Sound 1935. He was the first of six children born to his parents, Clarence Iles and Myrtle Taylor. Here is a four generation photo with his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.
Clarence Iles, William Iles, in front
George Iles and Wilf Iles

For 41 years, Wilf worked for Edwards of Canada. He was active with Y's men Clubs internationally. In 1968/69, he received the Elmer Crowe Award. He was a well read person and loved to go to author signings to get a signed copy of books by his favourite authors. He was a member of the Dickens Fellowship Club (Toronto Chapter). He also enjoyed travelling to other countries. Wilf never married but he was very good to his nieces and nephews and their children. Unfortunately, he died of cancer in 2009.
e care of them. I was fortunate to receive some of my Aunt Margaret's photos. I have special memories Wilf  Iles 1949

Wilf Iles in Israel - year unknown

If there was a family reunion or a special birthday party you could count on Wilf to be there and he would be busy taking photos. In later years, he also had a camcorder. I know he was good at sending copies of photos out to people but I hope that his many photos and albums went to someone who will take care of them. I was fortunate to receive some of my Aunt Margaret's photos.

I have special memories of Wilf. One is of when Wilf came to stay with my brother, sister and me for a week while my parents were away on a holiday. He was out almost every evening at meetings. We were old enough to be on our own most of the time so we only needed someone there overnight. He and I had some good chats over the phone in later years and we talked a bit about family history.

A couple of years ago, he and I went to the cemetery to find where our great-grandparents are buried. We had to go to the office first as we needed to be shown the location. There is no monument but foot markers saying mother and father. Wilf took photos of the location and later sent them to me.

I hope your family has a photographer who takes photos at special family events.

© 2010 Janet Iles


  1. Great topic! You are right that every family has a photographer.

  2. I hadn't thought about every family having a photographer. My aunt was but she's gone now, and I'm not sure another has taken her place. Maybe I'll have to do it.... Great post for the Carnival. Thanks.

  3. P.S. I love the 4-generation photo!


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