Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Memories - Salt Lake City 2010, part 2

 Sunday morning, I made my way down to the basement to the breakfast area of the hotel. We had been told of the great breakfasts at the Carleton (included in the price of your room) and I was never disappointed that week. We could choose anything we wanted from the menu, in any combination we wanted. We talked about what we were going to do that day and it was decided that many of our group would take a tour of the area in the afternoon.

While some went of to church, another group decided to explore the area between the hotel and the Family History Library building to get our bearings so that we would be set for researching on Monday morning.

We spent most of our time in the Temple Square taking photos of the flowers, statuary and fountains. It was such a beautiful day. We also visited one of the visitor's centers that documented the building of the temple.

After a lunch break, it was time to gather for the bus tour. When I was in Salt Lake City in 2005, I didn't see anything outside of the city proper so I was interested in seeing more of Utah.

The two main areas of the tour were the Great Salt Lake and the Copper mine. In between stops, we learned about the history of Utah.

We made several stops by the Great Salt Lake.

The Kennecott Copper Mine was quite impressive. There was an interpretation center that gave the background of the mine.
We returned to the hotel around 7 p.m. but our day wasn't over yet. At 7:30 the whole group gathered for a pizza supper and a talk on English resources. Everyone was now charged up for researching at the Family History Library the rest of the week.

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