Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Memories - Salt Lake City Trip 2010

Saturday, the Bruce Grey Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society held their Fall event in Ayton, Ontario. It was a great day with Stephen S. Barthel from St. Cloud, Minnesota (formerly from Salt Lake City) speaking on German Research and Maryann  Cunningham of the Red Rascal Band performed songs that she related to her family history.

After a delicious lunch, we watched a presentation that showed highlights of the recent trip to Salt Lake City by members and friends. There were 15 of us on the trip and we certainly enjoyed our time. Since my return, I have shared information and photos with members of the women's group at my church and I will get an opportunity to do it again next week with another group.

Already on this blog, I have posted some photos but I have not shared anything about the trip itself. I will present some of my memories over several blog articles over the next few weeks.

The Bruce Grey Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society celebrates this year its 40th anniversary. The group meets every month except December. The trip was planned as part of this celebration.

We each made our own arrangements to get to Salt Lake City, some travelling alone and some in pairs. Four of us left Owen Sound together but we were on different flights to Salt Lake City but we arrived in Salt Lake City close enough in time to get the same hotel shuttle bus.

We received a warm welcome when we arrived at the Carleton Hotel Inn & Suites. The hotel is within an easy walk of the Family History Library or a shuttle bus is available in the morning at 8 and at 9 to head to the library and to return at 5 or at 9 at night. Since our rooms had a refrigerator and a microwave oven, our first jaunt was off to the deli/market, just a short walk away. This was Saturday night and we were reminded when we checked in that it would be closed on Sunday so if we wanted to pick up anything we should do so before it closed.

The air was beautiful and it was wonderful to take a walk after spending many hours in airports and in the air. I remembered the market from my trip in 2005 but now I was staying much closer to the market. Once we made our purchases, we returned to our rooms thinking about our week ahead and what we were going to see and do. More on that in another posting.

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