Thursday, May 6, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grade Eight Graduation

Amongst my keepsakes is the program booklet from my grade eight graduation. Although it is not June yet, I decided to share this now because I went to a mini-grade eight reunion last night.

Several months ago, three of us who have kept in contact decided that it would be fun to have a get together of those with whom we had attended public school, specifically grade eight. We wondered how many we could locate and how many would be able to come. The other two got in touch with different ones that they had kept in touch with. I said I would look for photographs.

We did really well. Ten of us got together last night. We gathered at a local restaurant and fortunately, we had a private area to ourselves. Did we ever talk! We went around the table and said a little bit about what we had done in the last 40 years or so. I am the only unmarried one in the bunch. All had children and all but one had grand-kids.

When we went to high school - West Hill Secondary School, we were divided up amongst several home rooms depending on whether we were in the four or five year stream and what we chose as options.  This year is our High School's 50th anniversary reunion. Last night was a good warm up to that.

We have already set a date in October when we will get together again. There are few more that we need to contact.

It was good to see Cathy, Donna, Wendy, Cheryl, Sarilee, Jayne, Linda, Donna and Bonnie.
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  1. How nice that you were able to have a get-together with your old classmates. My mother never saved any of my old papers and stuff, so I can only enjoy things belonging to others. So, thanks for sharing.

  2. What a coincidence - my husband is taking a train up to NY this weekend to attend a "mini-reunion" with his 8th and 9th grade friends. It's great to get in touch with old friends!

  3. We recently had a discussion about 8th grade graduation in our hometown of Londonderry, New Hampshire. It used to be the highlight of the school year, and everyone met on the town common to witness the graduation. This was not long ago when Londonderry did not have a high school, and for most people 8th grade was the end of their school career. Very few went on to attend Pinkerton Academy in Derry for high school. Now the town has it's own high school with a 98% graduation rate, but even so, the 12th grade graduation is held in Manchester. It is no longer a community affair. There is no more 8th grade ceremony at all. A real loss to community spirit. You are lucky to have such great memories!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Barbara, Greta and Heather. For some reason Heather's comment isn't showing at the moment even though I have accepted it. Perhaps my comment will trigger it.

  5. Yes Heather's comment is now showing.

    The night of our graduation in 1964, we had a supper at one of the local United Churches. Our parents and teachers attended. After the supper, there were speeches. I was the valedictorian. I don't remember what I said. After that, we were taken to our school where we had a party with music on records to dance to.

    Now, the schools in Owen Sound have a joint event at the arena. I don't know if they do anything back at their own school after or have something right there. Here they make a big deal of the grade eight graduation - limos, fancy clothes, etc. A little over the top to me considering most all will graduate from high school and many go on college or university.

    Still it is great to celebrate and remember each of life's accomplishments.


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