Monday, April 5, 2010

52 weeks to better Genealogy - Cyndislist

I am a little late on this one but I decided I wanted to do a brief article on Cyndislist over at 

When I worked on the reference desk at the public library, this is one site that I routinely suggested to anyone looking for genealogical websites, especially to beginners and to anyone venturing into a new area.

Well, I had forgotten my own advice. It has been awhile since I had spent much time on the site. When last week's challenge was posted it triggered in my head a message. "Go check cyndislist."

Although my client work and personal research centers on Ontario records, it doesn't take long before a research  question leads you away from the familiar sources and away from your regular areas of research. What sources are out there? Are there new ones that are not listed in my favorites or in delicious (under researchergal)?

Be prepared to spend some time when you are exploring this site. I get easily sidetracked. Today I thought, I will look at Ontario sites. I browsed through the list - I found a listing for St. Joseph Island so I clicked on that and saw family stories. I wonder what is listed there. You can request any digital file that is listed. Let see now - is there anything of interest? I found a listing for the obituary for my landlady with whom I lived in 1971-1972 when I taught French for the Central Algoma Board of Education.  I have requested her obituary.

Last week, I was looking for some help with a client project and was reminded about Genweb for English counties. I often use Genuki but I found some useful information on the Genweb site. When doing research in a new area, you need all the help and hints that you can find.

Thanks Cyndi for your great website.

Update: I received a copy of my Landlady's obituary. I will put a copy of it with my photos taken when I was teaching and living there. 
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  1. Good reminder. I used to check Cyndi's List almost daily, but haven't checked it in a while, either.



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