Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - enjoying yummy strudel

 My mother and I eating strudel in St. Anton, Austria in 1994.

© 2010 Janet Iles


  1. The place on the photo in the background looks likes a village type setting with shops and cafes. I love these places by simply takign a stroll and adminring all the beautiful shops and cafes, somewhat of a Europen feel to it.
    I can see the resemblence of your mother in you

  2. Sanjay
    I have added the country to my posting. I had to look it up. It was in Austria. We stopped there for lunch. We had taken cold meats and bread from the breakfast buffet to eat but then we were ready for strudel. Each place made their strudel a little differently. I remember we really enjoyed this one. We had to stroll the streets and visit a few shops. We were on a bus tour.


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