Monday, March 15, 2010

Emily Pugh Iles - Who were her parents?

When I was researching Emily Iles (nee Pugh), my question was who were her parents? Different sources gave different answers. This shows too depending on what is your entry point into  your research what you think the answer is, but as you go along you get more questions because you are getting different answers. I knew from her husband's obituary that her maiden name was Emily Pugh.

The first place I found her was in the 1881 census in Broadwell, Gloucestershire, England using the 1881 census CDs. It was because George Iles was present as a visitor that I even found her as her name was indexed as Rew.  When I found her in the 1881 census with William Clifford and Hannah Clifford listed as her grandparents,  this threw me off course. I didn't do any calculations to see if  their ages made sense as grandparents or parents.

It was only by looking at  different sources that I realized I can be fairly certain who her mother was but not her father. Until I find the death registration for Charles Pugh or see the records from the workhouse, I will not know and even then I can't be 100% sure if he is the biological father of  Emily.

Mother - Hannah  1st married name Pugh 2nd married name Clifford, maiden name Cowley.

The story of Emily was written for the Carnival of Genealogy.

Below is a spreadsheet where I showed the various sources and the information given about the question "Who were her parents?

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