Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Night Fun with creating calendars


The above is a sample of a calendar created in Legacy. I use Brother's Keeper for my family datbase but it doesn't have a calendar creation program so I exported a gedcom to Legacy.

I tried various variations and decided to do only birthdays of those who have died. Even with that, not all the dates would fit on the appropriate space and it created supplementary pages for each month. When I added a photo to the page, it caused problems so that a whole month did not show on a page.

If I was making a calendar for family, I would include the living people.

Above on the calendar for January 30 there is only one person shown in the square and that is William Buckindale born in 1865. He is in my Stiver line.

Today is one of my niece's birthday. Happy birthday, H.

© 2010 Janet Iles
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  1. Janet,
    Boy your calendar looks great. After 45 minutes, I'm giving up. Glad you were able to show us what it looks like.


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