Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolutions for 2010 - Should I set any? (Carnival of Genealogy)

 Should I set any resolutions or goals for 2010? Before, I answer that question, I want to look at 2009.

For 2009 my resolutions were as follows:
I resolve to
1. finish the soldiers' project
2. spend one hour a week on cleaning up citations in my genealogy program
3. continue research on Emily Iles nee Pugh (write a blog article on Emily)
4. post at least two blog articles a week on this blog
5. post at least two blog articles a month on Graveyard Rabbit of Grey County Ontario.

So how did I do in 2009?
1. The soldiers project is not finished. I had put it aside and when I went back to it, I realized I still needed to do the writing up of my research on the majority of the soldiers. We did have a celebration of the soldiers and the organ that was dedicated to their memory with a musical evening at the end of September.
2. I didn't spend much on cleaning up citations and I definitely didn't spend an hour a week on it.
3. I didn't write about Emily Iles nee Pugh but I did write a posting that concerned her mother Hannah
4. Two blog articles a week - except for a couple of months, I averaged more than two postings a week.
5. On Graveyard Rabbit of Grey County on Ontario - in two months, I only did one posting, but in all the others, I exceeded my goal.

So what did I accomplish in  2009 as it relates to genealogy and history?
1. I taught a four-week night school course in genealogy.
2. In January, I spoke to the Bruce Grey Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society about blogging for genealogists (available on
3. In March, I spoke to the  Grey County Historical Society about place names in Grey County
4. The Grey County Historical Society elected me to be their Vice-President in April.
5. In October, I became the co-President of the Markham Berczy Settlers Association
6. I have been in contact with various cousins via email concerning family history.
7. I completed another course in English Genealogical Studies concerning taxes, lists, business and electoral and insurance records.
8. I created the Grey County Historical Society blog and write regular articles for it.
9. In February, the Grey County Historical Society website was launched and it is my responsibility to maintain it.
10. I worked on some very interesting and challenging projects for clients.

So, should I make some resolutions for 2010 as most of the things I accomplished were not on my list.

Instead of resolutions, I am going to set some goals.
1. As I told Genea-Santa in my letter, I need to get organized and this applies not only to genealogy. So this is really my most important goal for the  year and then once accomplished, I hope I can maintain it through the year. I am really good at getting started but I get so far and then other projects have my attention and organization doesn't happen.
2. After all the sorting of the family information, before I file the material, I want to make sure that everything is entered in my family database with proper citations.
3. Get more people involved in the Historical Society project of mapping all the churches in Grey County.
4. Write some articles for the Grey County Historian.
5. The soldiers' project is still on the list but what I get done will depend on other projects that will be given a higher profile.
6. Keep up with the blogging. I enjoy writing so I will have no problem in this area.

That's it.

© 2009 Janet Iles


  1. Glad you included #6 - I enjoy reading your blog! And I'm with you on that organization thing; it's difficult.

  2. You had a very good 2009! May you find the organization you seek in 2010.

  3. I think your accomplishments of 2009 are wonderful! Good luck in 2010!

  4. Thanks Greta, Apple and JoLyn for stopping by and leaving comments.

    Yes, I really hope that I get the organization done in all aspects of my life.


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