Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Genea Santa (Carnival of Genealogy)

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Dear Genea-Santa

I hope you are doing well. This is such a busy time of  year for you as all the genealogists are making their lists of wishes.

In 2009, I have tried to be a very good genealogist, citing my sources, keeping things organized and blogging regularly.

Genea-Santa - Do you have a helper like Peek-a-boo who helps you to see if we are being good genealogists and family historians? If you do, you know organization is one of my biggest problems.

So for this Christmas and 2010, I ask for

1. the gift of organization and the time to do it. (Yes, I know, I have to do my part to do it. If someone came in to organize and file, they wouldn't know that all those charts, photos and documents are so important to genealogists and family historians.)

2. the stick-to-it gene to finish my soldiers project and get it in a form that the information can be shared and preserved.

3. a photo of my great grandmother Emily (Pugh) Iles - I wonder what she looked like.

4. a scanner for slides so I can convert the best photos to a digital format.

Whatever you can give me from this list would be greatly appreciated and I will try my best to do my part.

Janet the Researcher

© 2009 Janet Iles

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