Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Calendar of Memories - Holiday Foods

Did your family have any traditional dishes for the holidays? Was there one dish that you thought was unusual?

I do not remember any unusual dishes at our home. Some years we did not have the big turkey dinner meal on Christmas Day. Instead we had it on Boxing Day (26th). Meals were kept simpler on Christmas Day. The Christmas season was a very busy one as my parents had first a corner store and then a supermarket. In my teen years, the supermarket was open to 10 p.m. and Christmas Eve was a hectic work day so we kept Christmas Day as simple as possible. 

My mom often made different Christmas fare for the bake sale at the church bazaar. Extras were made to enjoy at home.

The traditional Christmas meal would be turkey with stuffing, potatoes and turnip. Although, we loved our Christmas pudding, it was often saved to another lighter meal. Sometimes, we would have our first course and then have a break, clean up and then when we had had a chance to digest the first course, those of us who loved the Christmas  pudding and the very yummy sauce would sit back down at the table.

When my nephews and niece were young, we had a birthday cake for Jesus to remind us all of the reason we were celebrating Christmas. 

 The photo was taken in 1980. David, grandma Passmore and his cousin Adam pose for a photo with the birthday cake for Jesus.

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  1. Neat idea of a birthday cake for Jesus. Sweet memories.


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