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What the Carnival of Genealogy Means to Me

What the Carnival of Genealogy has meant to you is the challenge of this Carnival of Genealogy.

The COG has been published twice a month for over three years now, 83 editions thus far! It's covered a wide variety of topics and introduced many, many new bloggers and even a new carnival. Here's an opportunity to look back and reflect on when you first discovered the COG and when you first participated in it.
  1. What was your favorite topic to write about?
  2. Have you guest hosted the COG?
  3. Is there an article you've read in the COG that stands out in your mind?
  4. What have you learned from reading or writing for the COG?
  5. Have you ever recommended the COG to anyone?
  6. If you haven't participated in the COG thus far, why not?
  7. How has the COG helped your family history research?
  8. Has it impacted your life in any way? 
     Jasia has really challenged us with these questions.
    1. Favourite Topic - Do I have to pick one? I can't pick just one but favourites so far are:
    Who would you invite to dinner  - Guess whose coming to dinner
    Tribute to Women - My Great Aunt Margaret
    A Place Called Home

    There are more that I love. The ones I enjoy the most are those where I can include some photos along with the stories and the research.

     2. Yes I have hosted one - the last COG on musical instruments. It was fun and I certainly appreciate the work of other hosts.

    3. I can't select one article that jumps out but I  have learned much from the writing of others: the different experiences and traditions of their family and different ways to present the informaton. I have laughed and cried when I have read the stories. I always hope that no one telephones when I am reading one of the articles that have touched me deeply. They might not understand why I am crying about someone I don't even know.

    4. I have learned that I like to write. It helps to have a challenge and a topic presented that I might not thought would be a topic to include in the family history. It is good to have deadlines, otherwise I might not get it done.

    5. Not to write but to read.

    6.doesn't apply

    7. The one way I think that the COG has helped my family history is that it has taken me beyond the researching of names but has added a greater focus on the stories. It has also got me looking through the photograph albums to see what photos that I have that relate to the topic of the day. The articles will give me material to add to the family history. The recent topic of Disasters had me thinking of historical events in relationship to my family and ancestors/relatives. I wrote about the Spanish flu. The research for that will give me material for an article for the local historical society.

    8. Community would be the one word to sum it up. I had read a few COG articles before I started to participate. I had started the blogging in July 2007 at work. During Advent 2007, I participated in the Advent Calendar of Memories hosted by Thomas MacIntee but it had been first announced by Jasia. Having enjoyed the participation in that event, I was ready to jump on board to the COG. The COG has introduced me to new to me blogs and to the wonderful people who write them.

    I have participated in 31. My first was back in January 2008 when the topic was Making Connections with Living Relatives

    poster by fmMaven

    Thanks Jasia for this topic. It has made us think about what the COG means to each one of us. I look forward to reading the postings of other participants.

    © 2009 Janet Iles

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