Monday, November 9, 2009

My bag is packed and I am ready to go - Smile for the Camera

 My bag is packed and I am ready to go. Where am I? I am at Union Station in  Toronto. Where am I going?

I am off for an adventure. I am travelling by train, first to Montreal via the Rapido and then I will transfer to a train for my overnight trip to Trois-Pistoles, Quebec.

During the summers of 1968 and 1969, I travelled  by train to Trois-Pistoles to spend six weeks studying French. Are you wondering if I was only travelling with only one suitcase? No, I had a trunk that I shipped with my clothes and books. I had been on a train once before when I went with my siblings from Owen Sound to Toronto to visit my great aunt and uncle for a couple of days.

When I went in 1968, I was leaving the familiarity of home and friends to travel by train to a place unknown to me. Would I make my connection okay in Montreal? What would it be like to speak only French for six weeks? What kind of home would I be in? Would I make any friends? What course would I take? How would I do?  Lots of questions as I headed out on my adventure.

When I returned in 1969, I travelled again by train but this time, I was excited to see who would be there and what teachers would be returning.

I wonder what our ancestors were thinking as they left their homeland to cross the ocean to new places and new adventures.

Did you notice that in the photo that I am a wearing a skirt suit? In the sixties a young lady would not think of travelling in casual attire.

© 2009 Janet Iles

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