Monday, November 23, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

Cheryl Fleming Palmer over at Heritage Happens awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks Cheryl for your support and visits to my blog.

 The rules as I have been told are to tell you seven things about me and to award it to seven genealogy blogs.

Now the seven things are supposed to be about something you don't know about me and that I am willing to share, of course, on the Internet. As we write more and become friends with many on Facebook, this is more difficult to do, so some of my readers may already know the following:

1. I have three shelves in my office dedicated to language related books, such as dictionaries, lexicons, grammar books in English, Spanish, German and French.
2. I taught public school French for two years, but not for the same school board.
3. I lived on a farm for one school year while I taught for the Central Algoma Board of Education.
4. I like cows.
5. I belong to a book club.
6. I have many projects on the go.
7. I love to sit and look at water but I can't swim.

At this point, I am to name 7  blogs to get the Kreativ Blogger Award.  I am going to have to do that later. I have work calling to me.

© 2009 Janet Iles

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