Saturday, October 3, 2009

10th Anniversary - National Institute for Genealogical Studies

While browsing through old emails and deleting those that need to be gone from my inbox, I discovered an email from 5 years ago - "National Institute: 5th anniversary" dated 4 October 2004 from Louise St. Denis. Wow! If it was 5 years on 2004, then now in 2009, it would be 10 years.

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies and the University of Toronto, PLC, celebrate their 5th anniversary!

On October 4th, 1999 the online course Methodology Part 1-Getting Started was offered for the first time.

I registered for that first course. I can't believe that it was  10 years ago that I took the first course towards receiving my Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies. When I took the first one, I hadn't really thought of retiring and doing genealogical research as a business. I only signed up for the first one but before it was completed, I had signed up for the first year of courses. It took me four years to complete the three years (40 courses).

All the courses were taken online. As part of the first class to take each of the early courses, we saw changes as improvements were made in the courses. I liked how we were able to get instant feedback on our exams. Immediately you knew your mark and what was the correct answers. The questions were true or false and multiple choice but they made you think and read the questions many times. Chat classes done via texting in a chat room provided contact with the instructor and other students. As technology has changed, so has the courses. Chats are entering the world of live voice chats. [Must get the problem with the headset resolved.] Except for several methodology courses, the assignments were done online. Some answers were public and could be read by classmates, and some were private because there was only one correct answer.

I completed my Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies Canadian records in October 2003. Two courses remain to be done to earn a PLCGS in English records. Perhaps, early next year, I will take those courses. As I took each course, I realized there is still so much to learn. This is one reason that I love genealogy.

The National Institute of Genealogical Studies is now affiliated with the University of St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto.

Happy Anniversary to the Institute!

© 2009 Janet Iles

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