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Home Sweet Home - home of my great grandparents Love

Home Sweet Home ---

I never knew my great grandparents, James Love and Elizabeth Fields (Robinson) Love but I have been in what was their home on Manitoulin Island. The farm is in Carnarvon Township (now part of the Township of Central Manitoulin).

The Love brothers owned property at Lots 12, 13, 14, and 15 of Concession 4 and Lots 14 and 15 of Concession 3 and Lot 15 of Concession 2. The house, I believe, would have been on Concession 3. [Thanks to knowing the coordinates of the Mindemoya Cemetery, which is on the same road on Lot 16, Concession 3. 

Situated across the lane from the home in which my mother lived, it was the home of my uncle Ross and his family, in my childhood years.
This photo is likely from 1902 - 1908 era. 
Notice the roughness of the lane. When I was a child we entered by the side door. 
To see a family photo in front of the house, go to my article on the Love Family ca 1902

I don't know if I realized at the time, when I would be there for meals, that it had been my great-grandparents home. I don't think I felt any special connection to the past. It was just a great place to visit my aunt and uncle and of course, all my cousins.

My recollection of the place is that we entered into a large family farm kitchen. Also on the main floor was the parlour with a player piano. I wonder if my recollections are correct? I know that my mother used to spend a lot of time in the house visiting with her grandmother and aunt Margaret, when she was a young girl.

This has been written for the Canadian Carnival of Genealogy

photo from the collection of Margaret Love, in the possession of the author.
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  1. Great picture, Janet, and it's wonderful that you got to spend time there as a child, even if you had felt no special connection at the time.

    I very much want to go to Manitoulin Island, as it is the only section of Georgian Bay I have not explored so far. Being from Dallas, Texas, I guess that's saying something...

  2. Kim, I hope that the next time that you come to Ontario that you will get a chance to visit Manitoulin Island.

  3. This house has a very well-worn and loved look to it.
    Evelyn in Montreal


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