Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teaching night school - genealogy class Week 4

Last Thursday was the last class in the series. Much was covered quickly during the twelve hours.

During the last evening, we looked at using timelines and charts to sort out people with the same name, to ensure we have checked as many sources as possible for events in a person's life and to show conflicting information. Samples were given of each. One example, I used stemmed from some research I did last week concerning a tombstone I had seen at Greenwood cemetery. Those postings are shown on The Graveyard Rabbit of Grey County, Ontario - Tombstone Tuesday - Daniel and Agnes Trotter and Daniel and Agnes Trotter continued. I put the information that I found in a chart so that I can see the conflicting information that I was finding.

Part of the evening was spent talking about various ways to learn more about genealogy after the course was over -- blogs, podcasts, learning centres on various websites, magazines, books, genealogical societies, conferences, etc.

Before wrapping up the evening with a summary of key points, we looked at some websites.

I have uploaded for the students, copies of the presentations to slideshare but kept them private but they can access them through the "secret urls".

I thoroughly enjoyed the four weeks sharing my enthusiasm for genealogical research with the class.

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