Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love Family ca 1902

This photo shows my grandfather, great-grandparents and my great great grandparents and some of my great aunts.

The photo is a precious one and was part of the Margaret Love collection. The original photo is very faint now. It is in sepia tones but the above was scanned as black and white. It is mounted on cardboard. The inscription on the back is "our house at home when Grace was small about 1902". Grace was born 21 August 1898. She is the one in the arms of my grandfather on the right. I think she looks younger than 3 so the photo may have been taken earlier than 1902.

On the photos, someone, likely Margaret, has placed an initial on each person. These markings are faint.

The photo shows from left to right.
James Love (1852-1914), Elizabeth Fields Love (nee Robinson) (1859-1932), [my great grandparents]
in front Margaret Love (1896-1979)
Laura Love (1888-1975)
John Robinson (1828? - 1905), Jane Robinson (nee Fields) (1829-?) [my great great grandparents]
Ethel Love (1891-1957)
Cora Love (1881-1972) She marries in 1903
John Thomas Love (1884-1961) [my paternal grandfather]
and in his arms Grace Love (1898-1971)

In the background, is most likely Josias Hopkins who was to marry Cora Love. There is a letter J on him that I hadn't noticed until today.

James and Elizabeth Love had also four other children who died quite young.

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