Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bound for Mom Milepost #4 The World is Not Flat

My mom began the first years of her life living on the largest freshwater island in the world, Manitoulin Island. I do not know how often she had the chance to leave The Island (often referred to in this manner) before she left to come to Owen Sound to take her C-special at the high school here.

As a family, we travelled to different places in Canada and the United States on family vacations. While we were still in high school, she and my dad had the opportunity to take some very special trips with others who owned IGA supermarkets. Now, let me see if I can remember some of the places they travelled to -- Hawaii, Las Vegas, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Aruba . . . These trips were well deserved as they both worked long hours.

After their retirement, I also got to tag along on some of their trips -- Cuba, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic, England . . .

My mother and I took several very special trips together after my dad's passing. We travelled to Newfoundland, visited a couple of Caribbean Islands, took a Rhine Cruise and went to Oberammergau for the Passion Play, took a cruise on the Danube with stops in some interesting countries and, of course, we went back to Manitoulin.

My mother enjoyed the trips she took. She enjoyed the anticipation and the planning for the trip, the trip itself and remembering the trips through the pictures in the photo albums. My mother kept a travel diary. Her detailed descriptions of each day, including the food that was eaten, bring to life her trips. My mother knew the world wasn't flat and she was thankful that she had the opportunity to expand her horizons through travel.

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  1. It's great that you get to have those memories and experiences with your mom. Those are things you'll never forget.



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