Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bound for Mom Milepost #3 - Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons: along every mile with Mom there was usually a lesson or something to be learned – whether it was obvious to you then or now. Collect her “Momisms,” her favorite sayings, her tips and tricks – all the neat stuff she gave you so you’d make your own journey safely.

It is hard to pinpoint the things that I learned from my mom.

Mother is always right. I learned that on a trip when she was telling me how to remember which towels were hers on the rod. "Mother is always right."

She taught me that I had to be careful using a knife when I cut food. I have a challenge it seems in using knives and I was known to cut a finger once in awhile while helping in the kitchen, never really seriously, just enough to get out of the job. I remember cutting my thumb when preparing cabbages at the store before putting them on the counter. I had a scar from that for a long time.

When I forget to close a kitchen cupboard door, I can hear her reminder.

I think I learned from my mom, not just from her words, but her actions.

When at the grocery store, sort your food into produce, meat, canned goods as you put them on the checkout. In the old days before scanners that was important for the cashier (I speak from experience.) Now it is important as I remind the cashier and my packer that I don't always unload all my groceries when I get home so I want to be able to identify the cold food so they go in the refrigerator and the freezer.

It is important to be at church on Sunday morning even if you had a late night. (The doesn't happen very often these days.) Just because you babysat on Saturday night and got home late, it wasn't a reason not to be up for church.

She taught me the importance of being kind and trying to see different people's points of view.

I wonder how my siblings would answer this question?

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  1. Greetings Janet,
    I love your new banner!
    My mom taught me to sort the groceries at the checkout too! And reminded me about the cupboard doors.



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