Friday, February 6, 2009

Around the Table - Canadian Style

I don't know if our family ate anything that was typically Canadian that was not enjoyed elsewhere.

Maple syrup - My mother grew up on a farm that made maple syrup and my cousins still live on the family farm. The last time I heard they were still producing maple syrup every spring. My mother served maple syrup with home made tea biscuits. I don't buy maple syrup but my brother loves maple syrup; so much so that he asks visitors from Canada to bring maple syrup when they go to visit him.

Pea Soup - When I had the French club at the library, I made them home made pea soup. I haven't had it in many years.

Saturday at noon was our day to have the "big meal" of the week. This was usually a roast generally alternating between beef and pork. This was a great meal to have on Saturdays. Mom could put it in the oven to cook while she worked on the payroll for the supermarket staff. It was easy to keep warm if dad didn't get home right at noon for the dinner.

Saturday's supper traditionally was Slop. Both my sister and I still like to make it.

Sunday evening supper meal was often served on TV tables. The menu could be sloppy joes, hamburgers, or TV dinners. In the summer, of course, it would be barbecues at the cottage. When my mother was growing up, you didn't cook on Sundays. I don't remember my dad commenting on this, but I am sure that was true for them too. The food was prepared the day ahead and reheated on Sunday for serving. I remember my great aunts continued this practice in their latter years.

I still love leftovers. Now, leftovers are often popped into the microwave; in the past, you'd fry them up with leftover bacon grease. Now I am more likely to use a little oil or oil spray. One favourite was fried up mash potatoes and turnip (really rutabagas but we always called them turnips). My English cousin introduced us to bubble and squeak (potatoes and cabbage). I like that too but I don't think we ever had it except when he was here to visit.

This was written for the 3rd edition of the Carnival of Canadian Genealogy.


  1. Pea Soup - love it! Here's my recipe:

  2. Hi Janet,
    How would you have them with tea biscuits - were they poured over or did you dip the biscuits in the maple syrup?
    Thanks for sharing,
    Evelyn in Montreal

  3. Evelyn
    If I remember correctly, we dipped the tea biscuits in the maple syrup. The biscuits of course would be warm


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