Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Genealogy Happy Dance - New discoveries

Genealogists love the hunt, but they also love to make great discoveries. While I have never got up and danced, when I made a discovery, I have disturbed the quiet of a research area by a restrained - "oh yeah!" When discoveries are made at home, I can give a resounding "yippee!" or "oh, yes!" or "Finally, I found it!"

At the 2007, Ontario Genealogical Society Conference, they provided a computer room with free access to some online subscriptions. During a search of Ancestors on board now part of I found the passenger list for my grandfather and grandmother and their daughter May. They were travelling with his mother and siblings. This find gave me the digital copy of the outbound passenger list. With the knowledge of the ship's name and the date of the passage, I was able to find the inbound passenger list.

At the 1993, Ontario Genealogical Society Conference, my disovery of my connection to the Markham Berczy Settlers was another very exciting moment.

So the next time you are in a library or archives and you hear a quiet "Oh yeah! - You will know that the person has made an important find.

I hope we all get to do the genealogy happy dance this year.

This has been written for the 65th Carnival of Genealogy.

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