Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Ancestors were Canadian eh!

Ok, I don't think I say eh!. My often used word is okay. So now, this is the first edition of the Canadian Carnival of Genealogy being hosted by looking4ancestors

As a Canadian, I have Canadian ancestors.


I am second generation Canadian. The Iles family came to Canada in 1904/5 and settled in Grey County, Ontario. They came from Birmingham, Warwickshire, England but had originated in Gloucestershire, England.


My mother's side of the family have been in Canada longer.

The first to arrive were the Stiver (Stober) family back in 1794 (John and Anna and family). They left, what was to become Germany, in 1792. Two years were spent in northern United States before coming to Canada with other families under the leadership of William Berczy. The settled in Markham Township, York County, Ontario late in 1794.

The Hemingway family arrived, it is said, in Canada in the late 1790s from the United States. They most likely originated in England. The Hemingway family settled in Markham Township.

Next, I believe were the Johnston family - James and Margaret and their children. They came in 1833 from Annan, Scotland and after a couple of years in Richmond Hill, Ontario, they moved to Uxbridge Township. Their son David, my ancestor, settled in Markham Township.

Next, would be the Love family who would have come early in 1840s from Scotland to the Wentworth County area.

I am not sure when the Robinson family arrived in Canada. They were from England.

Some of the Johnston, Love and Robinson families eventually moved to Manitoulin Island.

I will be interested in reading the other entries in this first Canadian Carnival of Genealogy.


  1. Janet, your ancestors certainly were Canadian, eh! Glad you participated in the 1st edition of the CGC.

  2. Excellent post! I find it very interesting that your family originated in Gloucestershire before moving to Birmingham. My Bench line followed the same path. That line crossed the Atlantic to the U.S. instead of Canada though.

  3. Colleen, I imagine our ancestors headed to Birmingham in search of work in a larger center.


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