Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blogging - One year later

Happy Blogging Anniversary to me! Happy Blogging Anniversary to me!

One year ago, I posted my first blog. As part of a learning initiative in Library 2.0, I was introduced to social networking and I began to blog. The first blog postings were prompted by the assignments we had. Since then, I have participated in the Carnival of Genealogy and Advent Calendar of Christmas memories 2007. I have posted a few Wordless Wednesday postings.
Here are some of my favourites that I posted:
One posting Blog, Website or both resulted in Thomas MacEntee posting a response on his web site.
The rewards from blogging - writing about genealogy and about other items of interest. Some of which will go into a family history and the sense of community by being part of a great group of geneabloggers. Recently, some geneabloggers have connected on Facebook and thanks to Thomas MacEntee through the creation of the group for geneabloggers, we are learning more about the individuals behind the blogs.


  1. Happy Blogiversary to you, Janet! I have meant to tell you that I also have ancestors from Markham and WILKINSONs and LAMOREAUX/TERRY family (both surnames were used by the same individual. I'm brickwalled there...maybe I'll blog about it...but it's exciting to see one of my tiny ancestral locations highlighted by another blogger.

    To many more posts and years!


  2. Congratulations Janet, and Happy Birthday to your blog. I enjoy reading yours posts and look forward to many more.

  3. Congratulations! You are no longer a blogling.


  4. Hi Janet,
    Congratulations on the day! Well, this Facebook thing may have some advantages after all! Glad to learn of your special day!

  5. Thanks everyone.

    I am one of the few of the library staff members with whom I began this web 2.0 journey that is still blogging publicly. I attribute this in great part to the genealogy community.

    I enjoy reading everyone's blog. Now, I am getting to know people better through our Facebook commmunity.


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