Thursday, July 31, 2008

Archives of Ontario - Search the Collections

Carnival of Genealogy submission for a carousel of topics.

Often it is good to revisit a web site as new material is always being added. A case in point is the Archives of Ontario web site. If you are like me, every so often you put in your family names to see what comes up.
The collections held by the Archives of Ontario are comprised of original documents from a wide variety of sources that provide a unique connection to Ontario's past. This page has been created to help you navigate through the Archives' vast holdings and find the records you are seeking. To begin your search follow the links below. Note: Not all of the Archives' holdings have been described
As the web site says, not all holdings are included. For example - not all wills are indexed but some are. There are several databases included under this heading. Go to the the Archives Descriptive Database to begin the search. Not all items indexed are available on microfilm that can be obtained by interlibrary loan.
A search for Hemingway - resulted in 3 out of the 5 references being relevant and one as a possible entry of interest.
Moses Hemingway probate record (20 November 1834 - Whitby) - (from information gained from another researcher this is a brother to my Josiah Hemingway). - Add to my list to get the microfilm on interlibrary loan.
Benjamin Hemingway (son of Josiah) - 1851 probate record - I have had this file on microfilm - it includes a guardianship request. - filled with lots of important information.
Josiah Hemingway 1851 probate I have had this file on microfilm
The last one 1897 J Hemingway York County coroner's record - I am not sure about this one. This one does not appear to be available on interlibrary loan so I would put this on a list for a future visit to the Archives of Ontario.
It is worth checking out this database on a regular basis as new material is added. A warning - be prepared for surprises - the database includes wills, guardianship papers, letters and even some criminal cases.


  1. Thanks for providing this information. I don't have any searches in Canada, but this is good info for those who are looking there.

  2. Hi Janet, Brenda here with the postcards you commented on for Grand Traverse Co Michigan. First how did you end up at the site? Do you have family in the area? There are some Iles families here. ;) My mother was actually named after one.

    This is good info about Ontario collections. I started researching Ontario about 6mos ago and have a lot to learn about what there is or is not on the area. Thanks for the comment and the Ontario data. I am really new at doing blogs, is for my local genie society and I am trying to learn how to get the best out to them. Also to put a twist on the news. Since I am a slow learned ;)) it will take time. Thanks again! Brenda --- or

  3. Moses Gage Hemingway is my ancestor. I am researching him and his son Josiah. Any more info you have or an idea where to search would be greatly appreciated.

  4. You're right about the value of returning to databases every once in awhile. I find that I know a lot more now than I did five years ago in terms of alternate spellings for names etc. and I find stuff I didn't find the first time around.
    Thanks for the tips,
    Evelyn in Montreal


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