Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pets - Carnival of Genealogy

I'm not a pet owner and I have never had any desire to be one. At present, my sister has two cats and my brother has a dog. When I visit them, I enjoy the pets and greet them on arrival and even say goodbye to them when I leave, but that has not made me want to have a pet of my own.

When we were children. we had goldfish and I can recall for short periods of time having turtles and newts or was it salamanders in the house. When I lived and taught a year on St. Joseph Island, the family I lived with had a dog. Dogs on the farm were more for work than as a pet. I taught French at one school on the island and four on the mainland each day. At that time, no bridge connected the Island to the mainland so I took the ferry back and forth. I ended my day at 3:30 at my last school in Echo Bay but it would be about 4:45 before I drove up the farm lane. The dog was usually waiting for my arrival.

According to photos in the family album, my dad's family had a dog named Fido. I don't ever recall him mentioning the dog.

Dad's brother Bill, with Fido, date unknown

My mother lived on a farm. There were cats and dogs but I don't imagine they were kept in the house. I do have this photograph of her with angora rabbits and one with a dog and two kittens.

Marion with the angora rabbits. date unknown
Marion with dog (name not known) and two kittens. date unknown


  1. Wonderful! Did your dad ever mention "Rinty" the dog? He was named after "Rin Tin Tin". I have pictures and a story for you....actually I have lots of photos for you...I'll pull the scanner out of hiding this weekend. :)

  2. Susanne, I found one photo of Rinty with your dad. I thought it said Binty. The photo was small and I didn't scan it for the article. I look forward to hearing the story about Rinty and receiving photos.

  3. I see a bit of nancy & Sarah in these fotos too.


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