Sunday, May 4, 2008

A place called home -- Carnival of Genealogy, 47th Edition

Creative Gene: Carnival of Genealogy, 47th Edition

The entries are all gathered and now it is a time to take a trip around Europe and North America to learn about the ancestral homes of some geneabloggers.

Maps, photographs, as well as a poem or two bring the word descriptions alive. These postings share happy and sad times of the places featured.

The next theme is "Mother, how did you get so smart?"

Mother's Day will be here next week but rather than just writing tributes to Mom as we have in the past I thought we'd take a little different slant this time around. The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is: Mom, how'd you get so smart? We'll examine our mothers' education. What schools did your mom attend? Did she graduate high school or attend the school of hard knocks? Did she attend a one room school house or was she home-schooled? Was she the first in the family to attend college? Maybe your mom took self-study courses or was an avid reader. Tell us all about how a mother igure (mother, grandmother, mother in law, godmother, etc.) in your life became so brilliant! The deadline for submissions is May 15th.

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