Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Destination: Austin Family: Website, Weblog, Blog, Blogsite

Destination: Austin Family: Website, Weblog, Blog, Blogsite

Recently, I posted an article on Web site vs blogs. Thomas MacEntee posted a reply in a posting on his blog. Thanks Thomas. Part Two of his comments provide more information.

My interest as posted in my original article is two-fold -- my own business and for the local historical society.

Our historical society is looking at how we can increase our presence on the Internet. I have been doing some postings on my blog as one way of advertising our interesting programs, but it would be good to have a site where people interested in the activities of the society would visit for information. We may have an offer to develop a web site for the group, but we are waiting for more information.

For my business, I will be working on ideas this year on what I would have in a web site. I will continue writing this blog.

I need to update my information on my listings in the members directory of the Association of Professional Genealogists. This is something I can do right away.

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