Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Carnival of Genealogy - Technology & Genealogy

What technology do you most rely on for your genealogy and family history research? Select one piece of hardware (besides your computer), one piece of software (besides your internet browser), and one web site/blog (besides your own) that are indispensable to you. Resist the urge to dilute the impact of your 3 choices by mentioning several others you use and appreciate as well.

Microform Machine (capable of handling both microfiche and microfilm). This good stand by gives a person the opportunity to view so many records that are not yet available in a digital format. - They are great for browsing information. The best machines are those that are, of course, in good working order, don't jam, give good quality prints and are set up erogonomically so that you don't have to have long arms to advance them. When the lighting conditions are just perfect for viewing and your chair is comfortable, you eagerly search for your family information.

Brother's Keeper is the software program that I use to keep track of my family research. I find it straightforward to use. Citations are easy to do for each item of fact. Reports can be easily transferred to your wordprocessor for further editing.

Now, this is tough one to decide. As a Canadian genealogist, I will select Library and Archives Canada. The information in the Genealogy Centre continues to grow. Recently, they have changed the web site and some of the search features but for anyone doing Canadian research, it is important to get familiar with what it has to offer - databases, digital images and how to information. The information continues to grow. If you have young people to whom you wish to introduce genealogical research, then check out the youth corner. A new link to a search engine that searches the Library and Archives Canada genealogical information and other databases is That's my family


  1. I wouldn't have thought about a microform machine which proves I count on the internet too much for my research.

  2. A year ago I did a presentation about genealogy and technology at a Board of Education professional development day about Technology. When I was doing my research on the term technology it included items such as microform machines.

    We sometimes forget that these machines are vital to genealogical and historical researchers.


  3. Janet,

    I enjoyed reading your post. Just yesterday I was looking at a microfilm reel of Quaker records from the late 1600s and was feeling fortunate to be able to access those records. Genealogists really have to be technology-proficient these days.

    Blog: Cow Hampshire


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