Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas trees (non-traditional)

Christmas Trees - Present

The last couple of years I have not put up a Christmas tree. With no holiday visitors, I have chosen to put up a yarn wall hanging Guatemalan crafted Christmas tree with miniature ornaments. Last year I purchased a small table-top metal spiral tree. I hang some of my favourite smaller ornaments on it.

Guatemalan crafted Yarn Christmas Tree

Spiral Christmas Tree

Both of these are now in place ready for the beginning of Advent tomorrow.

Yes, that is snow in the background of the spiral Christmas tree.


  1. Janet, I love your ideas!

    Can you tell me where you bought the spiral metal Christmas tree? My mother in law has one identical to yours, and I accidentally broke it. I am desperate to find a replacement for her. Any help you can give will be appreciated!


  2. Hello Susannah
    Thank you for your comments. I bought the spiral tree at a church bazaar where different vendors had tables. I can't remember the name of the company. I imagine it was a Canadian company that sells different gift items, possibly at home parties.

    Sorry I can't help.
    (In case you don't check back to my response, I will send you an e-mail)


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