Thursday, August 16, 2007

Web 2.0 applications - Picasa - gets my vote

After looking at several of the Web 2.0 applications, I decided to download Picasa to my computer to organize and work with my photos. I already have the one that came with the digital camera and also one I downloaded from Adobe.

For a free application, it has a lot of benefits. I had a couple of photos from the wedding where there was red-eye. Wow it was easy to fix. I had a couple of photos that were taken in low light and I didn't take the time to figure how to adjust my camera (hard to do when it is dark). These were improved by using the Picasa features. I was not successful in using the "blog this" feature. I created a collage of pictures. You also can create posters. There are different ways to sort the files. You can watch a slide show. In the editing features cropping, straightening, removing red eye, auto contrast. Some fine tuning includes the fill light, highlights and one shadows and color warmth.

Here is a photo that I fixed up with the features from Picasa.

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