Friday, August 3, 2007

Library 2.0

The purpose given for Library 2.0 is that libraries should be user driven. I see a big use of technology to reach outside a library's walls to people who may not currently use a library's resources by entering the building.

Having looked at several library and book related blogs, I can see the value of providing book reviews and discussions on books - a virtual book club. Blogs too can be a great forum to advertize and discuss events at the library [to get feedback and ideas for future events].

When I read the articles in OCLC Next Space Newsletter, I did not do it from the screen but from copies that I printed out. Why? Because I find it hard to read anything on the screen that is more than a page long or that has long paragraphs. I like to get away from the computer to read.

When a library is looking at changes, the people who are already using the library in the more traditional fashion must not be forgotten. Not all people have computers or have high speed Internet. This may be for economic reasons not just an availability issue. Balance - is necessary. Each library needs to evaluate how they can best serve their current clientele as well as reaching out to potential members.

Through this learning experience, it is interesting to see what new is happening. It raises so many questions - Will funding forumulas for public libraries have to change if staff time and energies are used to provide resources for people who never enter the building or become members? Will there be members? Are more trees used for paper resources if people have to print out information in order to read it? How do you decide what to purchase in print format or only have available in electronic format?

Tagging - My cataloguing background comes through when I want consistency and some type of "authority files" so I am happy with sites that allow you to see your tags or pop up already used tags to choose from as you begin to type. I like that it is easy in to make global changes to tags. Can that be done in Blogger? - I am not sure about the idea about allowing people to tag in library catalogues? Would they be visible to everyone or only to themselves?

[I lost Internet connections at this point. So, my final paragraph was lost. Perhaps, a good reason to type up the information in a wordprocessor first.].

How will publishing change? How will writers be compensated for their work?

In the last 30 years, I have seen many changes in the public library world on how we find and provide information to people. At OSNGUPL, we waited and observed other libraries before we began the journey to become an automated library. I think that was a good thing. What will happen in the future? I don't know, but I know that it will be different.

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